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About us

For more than 30 years, company falch has offered high pressure water jetting solutions for all kinds of different applications, among which are removal of old paints and corrosion for ship renovation.
thanks to thousands of projects performed with our customers and thanks to our experience on project sites, we are able to continuously develop innovative water jetting technologies.

In the field of ship renovation, we would like to highlight our base jet 125 unit, available either with diesel or electrical engine, with pressures from 600 up to 3000 bar. this unit allows the operator to work with hand lance as well as with semi-automatic and automatic accessories offered by falch.

In our falch booth at marintec 2017, we will be glad to show our multiworker 250 with an electric nozzle cross and an adjustable telescopic arm, which allows the operator to work without efforts and with a higher safety standard.

Products and services

base jet 125 3000-22-0-d

base jet 125 3000-22-0-d

the base jet 125 3000-22-0-d is a diesel driven 3000 bar unit with up to 22lpm which can easily be moved by a forklift or crane.
the unit was designed for applications where the space for the machinery set up is confined - like in shipyards. other built in benefits are:
- water primary pressure pump for optimal water supply of the pump
- monitoring of the machine with "falch easy" control system
all used materials are high quality materials for a long lifetime and designed to be easily serviced.

multi worker 250

multi worker 250

the multi worker is a semi-automatic tool for jetting works up to 250 kW and has many benefits over typical hand lance operation:
it is safer, cost-effective (2 to 4 times faster) and your operators are relieved from the recoil force.
although the multi worker cannot replace the hand lance in 100% of your projects, it can offer amazing results.
if you are looking for higher production rates without big robotics, then you should contact us as soon as possible to make an appointment!

News & Innovations

new innovation and technology center 

"we want to make our customer faster, better and safer."
based on this powerful motive, falch decided to take another big step towards the future of water jetting with the construction of the innovation and technology center in blaubeuren-seißen, which occupies more than 5000m².

falch already invests 10% of its revenue in the development of pumps, nozzles, machines and accessories. through our intensive research and development, we want to take water jetting to the next level in the coming years. our 30 years of past experience has shown that this is the best course of action.

vision - innovation
every single product that is designed and developed by our 40-men-strong innovative technology team is subject to rigorous testing.
the development of a product from an idea to production-ready can take several years.only when its performance has significantly improved and the device or accessory has passed all the necessary tests and trial runs, is it approved for volume production.


Falch GmbH
Street of Water Jetting 1
89143 Blaubeuren-Seissen

Phone: +49 7337 810

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internal sales assistant
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