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S-two GmbH & Co. KG

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About us

S-two is a fast growing company in the shipbuilding industry, developing, manufacturing, selling and servicing world-wide electronic products, modules, and highly integrated control systems.
Visit our booth and experience our well-tried POSEIDON EH system with Smart ShipPowerBus, comprising, among others, Valve Remote Control System, Tank Measuring System, and Anti-Heeling System.
Be inspired by our most fascinating features such as state-of-the-art technology, streamlined costs, low spare parts diversity and optimized installation and commissioning times.

Our newest innovation is the Smart Ballast Water Circulation complete with Monitoring and Data Logging System, developed in accordance with IMO requirements. Retrofit your existing vessel or upgrade POSEIDON and automatically circulate all ballast water during voyage for 100% treatment at arrival. Dedicated reports can be generated at any time to be presented to the designated port authorities.

Products and services

POSEIDON EH with Smart ShipPowerBus, is a multi-functional ship control system comprising, among others:

  • Valve Remote Control System (VRC)
  • Tank Measuring System (TMS)
  • Anti-Heeling System (AHS)
  • Alarm Management
  • Interface Management
  • Smart Circulation System (SCS)
  • Smart Monitoring System (SMS)
  • Smart DataLogging System (SDL)

S-two’s highly integrated POSEIDON system was designed for the application in all kinds of vessels and offshore industries.
Operation of all sub-systems is integrated into a single common user interface. Easy access and operation is made possible by an intuitive graphical user interface. Individual access rights can be shared among the workstations. Optional interfaces allow the communication with superimposed ship control systems in both directions.

All sub-systems are scalable to almost any complexity.
POSEIDON is certified by all major classification societies.

Reference project: Integrated Valve Remote Control and Tank Measuring System

Reference project: Integrated Valve Remote Control and Tank Measuring System

The conclusive facts:
720 EH-actuators with Smart ShipPowerBus mounted on butterfly valves of various sizes
Controlled via redundant PLCs in 2 control cabinets
6 operating panels
Uninterruptible power supplies at both cabinets guarantee full system availability and operability for 30 minutes even in case of total blackout
Emergency Shut Down: In case of an emergency, all bunker armatures are closed automatically
350 different kinds of tank measuring sensors are directly connected to the LPUs

News & Innovations

POSEIDON – Smart Circulation-System  Automatically circulate all ballast water during voyage for 100% treatment upon arrival without extra man-power, maintaining vessel stability at all times according to the IMO regulations. Poseidon-SCS is necessary to monitor ballast water cleaning activities at any time and to give evidence that the cleaning process was carried out and no untreated water is released from the vessel or taken in the vessel.
S-two VRC and TMS system logs all activities related to ballasting, the water treatment process, stamp these events with date and time and create a log file. The POSEIDON system will capture all the events related to ballasting operations (opening / closing every ballast tank valves) and will create a snapshot of the status of all ballast tank valves and tank volumes.
All events will be logged as CSV file in the logger computer with its date and time stamp. The CSV file will also have the GPS co-ordinates to track the location of the vessel when the operation is performed.


S-two GmbH & Co. KG
Kastanienstr. 5
32791 Lage

Phone: +49 5232 9524-0
Fax: +49 5232 9524-49

Harvey Zhang
Sales Manager Asia
Phone: +86 1500 1883450

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