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Fore more than 35 years the company DVZ-SERVICES GmbH is a synonym for the development of an innovative, economic waste water treatment in the marine, yachting, cargo shipping and offshore area.

We develop and manufacture sewage treatment plants, oily water separators, fat traps and buffer tanks in two sites near the German city of Bremen for renowned customers all over the world.

Products and services

DVZ-GROUP offers a wide range of water treatment equipment for any size and area of maritime and industrial business. The use of high-quality materials and components and the use of proven technology guarantees a reliable operation over many years. Our
systems have various uses in, for example, offshore platforms, marine vehicles, OSPV, container ships, mega yachts, ferries and cruisers.


- Type approved according to IMO Resolution MEPC.227 (64) and MARPOL Annex IV
- Type approved according to IMO Resolution MEPC.159 (55)
- Fulfills the more stringent requirements of Great Lakes and Alaska requirements
- AWT approved by B.V.
- Stainless Steel Membrane; nearly indestructible as a world unique feature
- Neither chemicals, nor secondary treatment or disinfection necessary
- Stainless steel design
- No movable part, it is not sensitive against shock, vibration and movement

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- Type approved according to IMO RESOLUTION MEPC 107 (49)
- 5 PPM approved by G.L.
- Optional with type approved FSU© by-pass function
- Capacity from 150 l/h up to 10.000 l/h
- Jet-wash oil drainage
- Compact design
- Easy installation
- Pump can optionally be used as separate transfer pump
- Shockproof

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- Type Approval in accordance with IMO Resolution MEPC.227 (64) and MARPOL Annex IV
- Four-Chamber-System
- Available with Chlorination / De-Chlorination and / or UV sterilization
- Stainless steel design
- No internal movable parts, not sensitive against shock, vibration and movement

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News & Innovations


Water treatment specialist DVZ-GROUP has introduced the DVZ-JZR "BIOMASTER"®-OFFSHORE-UNIT, a compact and sheltered sewage treatment module designed and built in accordance with the highest offshore standards and able to operate in harsh environments. The system incorporates the company’s sewage treatment system DVZ-JZR "BIOMASTER"® and is type-approved in accordance with the latest IMO Resolution MEPC.227 (64).

The high-performance JZR bioreactor (Jet-Zone-Reactor) employs a newly developed aeration technology that operates on the injector principle for the treatment of waste-water in the plant-specific biological cleaning stage. Due to the high throughput and compact construction of the reactor, this treatment technology requires very little space. For designers, this means the greatest possible flexibility for integration into the ship.

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