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The Group started in 1897 with Heinzmann GmbH & Co. KG, and now includes HEINZMANN UK, HEINZMANN China, HEINZMANN Korea, HEINZMANN India, HEINZMANN Australia, HEINZMANN Automation, REGULATEURS EUROPA, and CPK Automotive as member companies. The HEINZMANN Group operates numerous global subsidiaries, including eight production sites and an international distributor network. Our product portfolio comprises engine management system solutions, as well as exhaust gas after-treatment solutions, for industrial combustion engines and turbines. It also encompasses automation systems, primarily for the shipping industry. For decades, HEINZMANN has been developing and producing sturdy, powerful electric drives up to 25 kW, which have proven their worth in numerous applications, particularly in harsh industrial environments.

Products and services

The HEINZMANN Group offers comprehensive solutions for marine applications such as propulsion engine controls including digital and hydraulic governors and EFI controllers as well as marine automation systems including scalable systems for the monitoring of vessel machinery and for the fuel consumption and performance management. The HEINZMANN Group's product range includes Common Rail Systems for marine propulsion engines, Common Rail Retrofit solutions for converting conventional fuel injection systems to common rail and Dual-Fuel Systems for marine propulsion engines. It also encompasses genset mangement systems. HEINZMANN offers standard solutions as well as customer-specific development projects.

Digital ECU with high CPU power, large DRAM and FLASH memory, featuring a FPGA logic chip for extensive computing power, modularly extendable through additional jumperless I/O boards, individual control functions based on CoDeSys (IEC 61131-3) or MATLAB™/Simulink.

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EFI controller for diesel and dual-fuel propulsion engines up to 24 cylinders. Wide functionality and convenient number of I/O for optimal engine operation and monitoring.

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HEINZMANN Common Rail Injector ICR-DS-1000

Large-sized common rail injector for propulsion engines with cylinder power up to 1,250 kW.
Injection pressures up to 2,400 bar, injection quantities from 150 to 14,000 mm3/shot.
Designed for heavy fuel oil operation, featuring

- Cooled nozzle
- Sealed and cooled control armature, separated from fuel line
- Integrated accumulator volume, no rail accumulator required
- Built-in flow limiter

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Heinzmann Power Control (Jiaxing) Co. Ltd.
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News & Innovations

HEINZMANN'S LATEST PROJECT ON DUAL-FUEL CONVERSION - World's First Dual-Fuel Conversion on High-Speed Propulsion Engine has successfully been completed
Test bench runs on a CATERPILLAR 3618 engine have recently been successfully completed for the world’s first dual-fuel conversion on a marine high-speed propulsion engine. The project was initiated by the Norwegian shipping line Fred. Olsen S.A. who chose HEINZMANN as a competent and innovative supplier of dual-fuel systems and acquired AVL, a specialist in development of complete powertrain systems, as a partner for executing engine design, simulation, test bed planning as well as for performance and emission development.

On test bench extensive performance, emission and reliability tests were successfully carried out by AVL followed by DNV-GL approval testing. Fuel consumption was noticeably reduced by the engine efficiency raise in dual-fuel operation. Emissions could be reduced by 30% CO2, 50 % NOx and 90 % SOx at a conversion rate of 90% LNG and 10% MGO.

MEGASOL Gas Admission Valve on CAT 3618 Marine Propulsion EngineThe dual-fuel conversion was done in a way that the diesel injection system itself was not modified. If necessary, this allows unrestricted diesel operation at any time. The precise multi-point gas admission system is installed as a cost effective “add-on” solution and is based on type approved components in a double-walled configuration.

The dual-fuel system is operated by the latest version of HEINZMANN's MVC 01-24 EFI-controller, actuating the specially developed, double-walled MEGASOL 200 II gas admission valves. This offers very flexible system configuration in order to achieve the best possible adaptation for any application. Together with an intelligent air path management controlled by HEINZMANN’s wastegate valve WG 70, it was possible to operate the engine with a conversion ratio up to 90% gas. As a result the calculations from the comprehensive simulation works executed by AVL were met exactly. The reliable ARIADNE Knock Control System was installed to operate the converted engine at the highest efficiency limits.
Special attention was paid to the transient behaviour of the engine. Also the switch over from diesel to gas and back occurs smoothly and quickly. In case of gas system failure the system returns to diesel immediately.

At the beginning of 2018, all four engines of the Bencomo Express are expected to be converted to LNG. Further vessels are to follow.
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HEINZMANN Expanding its Sales and Service in China
Heinzmann Power Control (Jiaxing) Co. Ltd., Chinese subsidiary of the HEINZMANN Group, has completed its move to new company premises. At present, the company occupies about half of the area of 6500 m2, the remainder being let to German partner companies. HEINZMANN expects this bundling of forces at a modern and greatly enlarged location to enable even prompter and more reliable customer support in Asia. This will be facilitated by the centralised organisation of management, production, sales and service. This move will further expand HEINZMANN China as Sales and Service Centre for Asia.

Construction of the new company premises started in April 2015. One particular requirement for the new site was that it should fulfil German construction standards. The building incorporates a three-storey production workshop, an administrative block and a neighbouring three-storey building housing training rooms and the works canteen. At present the workforce numbers 30, but it is planned to hire more personnel before very long. The new site is in a European industrial estate in the town of Dayun, in Zhejiang Province, about 70 km from the centre of Shanghai. The international airport Shanghai Pudong is about 90 minutes away by car. There are also connections to a fast train service and a motorway intersection.

The major part of HEINZMANN China’s activities is distributing HEINZMANN products to the Asiatic market. This covers both technical consulting and support such as customer services, including maintenance and repair work. The new site also produces made-up cables and constructs switch cabinets to customers’ specific requirements. The switch cabinets incorporate HEINZMANN Group components. In future the activities will also include the final assembly of actuators designed specifically for the Asian market. This will guarantee the shortest possible lead times for HEINZMANN’s Asian customers.
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HEINZMANN Group Expanding Business Activities into IoT
HEINZMANN proudly announces their cooperation with Finnish startup company TestLab Ltd., specialized in the development of IoT (Internet of Things) based solutions for maritime and logistic operations. Through this strategic step, HEINZMANN customers in the marine industry are offered an innovative approach for reducing CO2 emissions. TestLab, headquatered in Helsiki and with offices in Finland, China, India and the Netherlands, will be supported by HEINZMANN in marketing, sales, assembly of systems and commissioning. The HEINZMANN Group will leverage its company network to improve the marketing of its marine applications portfolio and fill existing gaps in the market related to IoT products and services.

TestLab Finland Ltd was founded in 2013 and started as an R&D company developing new and innovative IoT related products. Their aim was to provide turn-key solutions and high level quality services for different industries. Today, TestLab’ s focus is on IoT based solutions for the maritime and logistics industries. The Internet of Things is present in maritime and logistics solutions. Remote and automated monitoring, tracking, routing, warning, and control of vessels, fleet and other related assets will impact on ship, port and site operators’ costs and efficiency. Operators must carefully evaluate the types of data being communicated and the real-time requirements of such data, as to be able to offer safe and sound support of IoT for all vessels and sites concerned. Hence, TestLab’s objective is to offer solutions that enable ships to be en route and sites to be in operation no matter what weather conditions they face. Consequently, TestLab has developed its products based on an IoT platform which enables the efficient data transfer from land to sea, and from sea to land operations and today provides tools for weather routing and fuel management. TestLab works together with leading shipping companies, cruise lines, shipyards, ports, and oil companies. They also work in close partnership with The Finnish Meteorological Institute.

Latest product developments of TestLab and HEINZMANN Automation, namely MareCast for weather routing and FuelMACS fuel management, will be presented at Nor-Shipping in Oslo from May 30 to June 02 (stand C04-20).

In addition, TestLab and HEINZMANN Automation have cooperated on a new version of the FuelMACS. The new FuelMACS has tools which enable optimized engine utlization during the drive in a totally new way. When FuelMACS is started and taken in use, the system will start to record driving instructions. As the system is designed as an interactive learning system, it will achieve the most economical method of driving by information collected by the sensors and decisions made by first officer/captain in each condition. During the drive, when the user is driving with different engine combinations to maintain required speed, the system will find the most economical engine combination and this will be recorded. This combination will be recommended as the optimal combination. This way, FuelMACS improves efficiency during the drive and brings more benefits to the customers in the longer run.

With the combined application of MareCast and FuelMACS an average of around 10 % fuel savings has been achieved in longer term use. Collected data supports MRV regulations, and the system provides reporting based on MRV requirements. Customers are saying “FuelMACS brings a new way of thinking for ship drive that has not been seen before. Benefits can be realized from the first day onwards.The system has brought proven results and is easy to use. This is real 'green shipping'!
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