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The development of new engine controllers is our daily business. In doing so, we support our clients with practical experience in all the project phases from the first design to production rollout. For more than 25 years we have partnered major OEMs of gas and DF engines for both R&D and commercial applications. Using our experience with over 10,000 customer-specific engine control systems we are confident to find the optimum solution for your project as well.

Due to our technology, marine gas engine operators can look forward to reliable, flexible, high efficiency engine power at minimized Total Cost of Ownership. Our hardware and software cover acquisition and processing of engine data into key control values, precise control of gas engine combustion, immediate detection of knocking and misfiring and fast controller response for safe running at high output and efficiency, advanced engine monitoring, control and diagnosis.

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To meet strict emission limits, shipping industry is turning to gaseous fuels. For the best control of engines in marine propulsion and onboard power generation we support our clients with a full line of vertically integrated control and automation technology solutions including hardware, software and, importantly, expert consulting.

Optimized output and reliability under fluctuating or uncertain gas quality is the essence of gas engine control. It can only happen if the control system is precisely adapted to the engine and application. With E²CON-M you will quickly get the controller you need for marine gas or dual fuel engines. A modular system of proven elements, E²CON-M is highly adaptable.

In close cooperation with the client, we can rapidly develop a customized control system for every marine medium-speed engine. The result: maximum performance, efficiency and reliability even under high load and rough conditions.


E²SERVICE is the perfect tool to use the huge data volumes generated by E²PRECON for performance optimization and configuration purpose. The service software provides a clear visualization and enables continuous remote access to all engine control systems from any location. With E²SERVICE you master all challenges in engine development, test bed operation, commissioning, maintenance, troubleshooting or simply in daily operation.

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Bringing the engine to its load limit while protecting it against overloading, the combustion process is crucial. This must be understood, controlled and considered cylinder-specific.
Our efficient solutions for controlling modern gas, diesel and dual-fuel engines reliably and accurately determine the combustion data from each individual cylinder. E²PRECON-M calculates the necessary parameters from the complex sensor signals and transmits them directly to the engine control system.

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High performance and optimized efficiency for LNG, dual fuel and diesel engines: Based on openECS, our unique system integration platform for gas and dual fuel engines, E²CON-M is completely flexible, scalable and open to any kind of extension. Functions, modules and subsystems form one unit with a powerful user interface.

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