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Schaller Automation - Oil Mist Detection Systems for Ship Engines and Machinery Schaller has been developing, producing and selling safety systems for large diesel, gas and dual-fuel engines in the shipping sector for more than 60 years. These safety systems, called oil mist detection systems (OMD), have been successfully deployed in ships and power stations around the world. More than 55,000 engines have been equipped with the VISATRON systems. Its daily mission is the detection of hazardous operating conditions where damage to bearings can lead to the escape of hazardous oil mist. This oil mist contains minute oil particles and can, in extreme cases, lead to an explosion in the engine crankcase.

We represent a reliable safeguard against such accidents. The company is working on the development of highly sensitive intelligent monitoring systems for early detection of damage to prevent any formation of oil mist before it starts.

Products and services


VISATRON VN301plus: 
This Best-in-class Oil Mist Detection System for large Diesel, Gas and Dual Fuel engines uses up to 20 sensors to offer exact damage localization at the engine.

This economic-class OMD operates by using the well proven Multi Tubing system for the suction of the mist atmosphere out of the crankcase.

This innovative 3-axis acceleration monitoring system is specially designed to monitor the vibration limits set by DIN ISO 10816-6 on combustion engines larger than 100 kW. Or use it with its Teach-in function and adapt the system so to an existing engine. Installed permanently within minutes.

The BEAROMOS®2020 Journal Bearing Monitoring System is a New-of-its-Art way to see the very first metal-to-metal contact in case of a beginning bearing damage. Save your crankshaft in an easy and cost effective way! One sensor is enough to monitor the main bearings.


• Online monitoring of auxiliary/propulsion engine’s main bearings
• Reliable detection of bearing anomalies
• Minimizing engine maintenance costs
• Due to different physical principal much quicker reaction time than other systems
• Easy installation, also as retrofit

Accomos - Acceleration Monitoring System

The ACCOMOS offers a range of impressive features including:
• Ideal for monitoring compliance with the vibration limits set by DIN ISO 10816-6.
• Ideal for large combustion engines and their driven machines.
• It can detect discrepancies in vibration behaviour immediately and trigger an alarm.
• Real-time data can be transmitted via CAN or RS485 connections.
• The TEACH-In function allows an easy adaptation to an existing engines


• A cost effective way to protect an engine against crankcase explosions
• It allows to maintain the well known and proven Schaller Tubing System at the engine
• Working principle proven in tenth of thousands of systems in the field
• Fresh, clean air keeps the optics clean – Active Dirt Protection is only available from Schaller
• Designed for engine lifetime

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News & Innovations

Your Engine Main Bearing Guard BEAROMOS®2020

Schaller is glad to market release a highly sensitive, intelligent monitoring System called BEAROMOS®2020. It has been developed in co-operation with the RWTH Aachen University in Germany. This new Monitoring sensor is able to detect variations of the friction condition within oil lubricated Journal Bearings. A beginning bearing damage always comes with the change from liquid to mixed friction of a certain frequency of occurrence. The breaking news here is that BEAROMOS®2020 can detect those effects far earlier than conventional temperature sensors and so is able to see metal-to-metal contacts e.g. at crank webs within engines even before a mechanical damage has occurred. The system’s recording software, being included within the system package, provides the operator with all necessary information on the Bearing’s status. By installing BEAROMOS®2020 on ships, Schaller contributes to the preventative and predictive maintenance services for engines and any machines that are equipped with journal bearings.

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