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Since 40 years Schaaf GmbH & Co. KG is involved in the development and manufacturing of hydraulic high-pressure tools and hydraulic high-pressure components.

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Schaaf – The Specialists for Hydraulic High-Pressure Technology Superior and Flexible Since 40 years Schaaf GmbH & Co. KG is involved in the development and manufacturing of hydraulic high-pressure tools and hydraulic high-pressure components. The worldwide active company lives of its innovative solutions and convinces with excellent quality. Schaaf employs about 130 employees at its headquarters in Erkelenz. Since the company was founded in 1977, everything at Schaaf is about hydraulic high-pressure technology. First it was just about screw tensioning devises, hydraulic nuts and its accessories. Today a variety of high-pressure tools are part of the product range for the whole industry. The products from Schaaf find applications in all areas of engineering in the steel industry, civil engineering and structural engineering, in the chemical industry, at power plants as well as in the off-shore and on-shore technology.  

SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG Leading joining technology
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Products and Services

At Schaaf the customer can count on all products being of the highest quality. An extensive quality management which includes all company parties ensures that the quality at Schaaf is systematically planned, manufactured and checked. Schaaf GmbH & Co KG is specialized in the development and manufacturing of: Bolt Tensioners, Hydraulic nuts, MSN Multiple Stud Nuts, ExpaTen bolts, ExpaTen 2, GripLoc – connection for shafts and axles, ExpaHub, Oil press fits, Hydraulic high-pressure pumps Hydraulic high-pressure accessory Control and automatic control systems, MDS Mounting Documentation System, TTG,TSI Tool Service Indicator / TMS Tool Management System.
TTG Targeted equal force in the thread area

TTG is a special, patented process for manufacturing threads in nuts or on bolts. This manufacturing method promises optimum fitting accuracy in the thread when tightened. In addition to longer durability, bolts with TTG can be subjected to much higher loads. As a result, the diameter of the connection can be reduced and thus immense material savings are possible. Threads with TTG revolutionize the connection possibilities and save money.

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SCHAAF is leading the way with ExpaTen bolts in order to revolutionize detachable flange connections of propulsion shafts of the shipbuilding industry. Not only are the bolts 100% non-positive and form fitting, which transfers high torque, but even after high stress they can be easily disassembled and reused. The bending and rotating resistant connection absorbed shock like changes of revolutions, torque as well as turning direction dependently. ExpaTen is certified by well-known buyers.

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By radial shrinking of a hydraulically pre-extended external body GripLoc generates a radial stress on the two shaft or axle stubs to be connected. GripLoc is to be clamped and released rapidly.The different GripLoc characteristics by SCHAAF can be combined among each other. So for example GripLoc can be built integrated together with the SafeLoc mechanism in a removable Hydraulic Nut. An optimal solution is therefore guaranteed for each application.

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News & Innovations

TTG - 100% flank contact over the complete area

TTG, the patented procedure for targeted equal distibution of the axial bolt pretensioning force.

The permanent ambition to meet customer requirements inspires Schaaf consistently to create product innovations and industry-sector-specific solutions. As a result, the traditional company developed the TTG – Tensioned Thread Geometry.

If a bolt is in a high pretensioned condition, bolt elongation and flange compression have occurred. Until now it has not been possible to ensure a 100% flank contact with equal distribution of force between the bolt thread and the nut. A distortion of the loaded thread results and it is not equivalent with the original geometry of the nut. Furthermore, the bolt is extremely loaded, which can result in the known breakages in the first thread turn.
With TTG Schaaf has developed the procedure to copy the profile of the high pretensioned bolt connection in the nut area and transfers it to the nut. This means the nut is adjusted to the high pretensioned bolt. Thus stress concentrations are avoided and the nut lies exactly over the complete area, respectively, distributes the forces over the complete thread geometry.
This insignificant more expensive solution extends the longevity of the bolt, the safety of the connection and is a can be used for a long time.

Since the outer geometry is not relevant and the TTG is independent of the nut material, the TTG can always be combined with bolt connections, e. g. the Schaaf products MSN, SSV or HM.

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