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Your Engine Main Bearing Guard BEAROMOS®2020

Schaller is glad to market release a highly sensitive, intelligent monitoring System called BEAROMOS®2020. It has been developed in co-operation with the RWTH Aachen University in Germany. This new Monitoring sensor is able to detect variations of the friction condition within oil lubricated Journal Bearings. A beginning bearing damage always comes with the change from liquid to mixed friction of a certain frequency of occurrence. The breaking news here is that BEAROMOS®2020 can detect those effects far earlier than conventional temperature sensors and so is able to see metal-to-metal contacts e.g. at crank webs within engines even before a mechanical damage has occurred. The system’s recording software, being included within the system package, provides the operator with all necessary information on the Bearing’s status. By installing BEAROMOS®2020 on ships, Schaller contributes to the preventative and predictive maintenance services for engines and any machines that are equipped with journal bearings.

Exhibitor: Schaller Automation Industrielle Automationstechnik GmbH & Co. KG


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