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A new product range for power-to-X fuels

The combustion engine industry accelerates the efforts to decarbonize and switch from fossil fuels to alternative fuels produced from renewable sources (P2X), such as hydrogen, methanol and ammonia.

There is a broad variety of combustion concepts for these fuels, and the optimum choice strongly depends on the target application. Woodward and Woodward L’Orange are developing a comprehensive portfolio of injection systems for P2X fuels for large engines, ranging from around 100 kW/Cylinder to over 1000 kW/Cylinder to enable all possible combustion concepts.

For applications that require highest power density and efficiency, we have developed our High Pressure Dual Fuel (HPDF) platform for methanol and ammonia injection with full diesel backup capability.

Our new product range of directly solenoid actuated injection systems is perfectly tailored to meet market demands the require simpler and retrofittable system:
 For methanol, we are developing a family of injection systems for Port Fuel Injection (PFI) and Direct Injection (DI). The injectors are designed for optimal atomization of the fuel to allow good mixing and minimize wall wetting.
 Injectors for hydrogen are also in development. Like methanol, they can either be used to inject the hydrogen directly (DI) into the combustion chamber or to integrate the injectors close to the intake valves into the intake manifold (PFI).
For gas engines that are adapted to run on gaseous P2X fuels such as hydrogen and ammonia, Woodward’s well-known SOGAV gas admission valves are being optimized to withstand the properties of these fuels such as poor lubricity, corrosion behavior and hydrogen embrittlement.

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Exhibitor: Woodward L'Orange GmbH


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