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Dr. E. Horn offers precise, technically mature prod­­­ucts for measuring and mon­i­tor­ing tech­nol­ogy that warrants the highest level of safety. Delivery reliability, best service and highest quality of our products and services are our strengths. Our drive is the development of prod­ucts for the optimum benefit of our cus­tomers, in­clud­ing the efficient design of our services, which makes us your com­pe­tent partner. With our products we make our con­tri­bu­tion to the benefit of our customers: More reliable commissioning and more efficient maintenance. With the necessary data for preventive maintenance, reduction of greenhouse gases in the interaction of all systems is made possible. Secure communication between onboard systems and simple integration of complex electronics is our field of application.

Dr. E. Horn GmbH & Co. KG
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Elmar Hamm
Harry Gou
Tecway (China) Limited
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P. R. China

电话: +86 21 69177750 / 6917-7751
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At Marintec 2022 we exhibit:

  • Water in oil monitoring systems: Continuous measuring of moisture and temperature in a robust stainless steel design for use in harsh environment. Single or multiple sensor alignment. 
  • Oil mist detector for 4-stroke marine diesel engines: Engine safety for serial production and retrofit actions. Compact sensor system, robust, easy to install, more than 18.000 units installed world wide. 
  • Bearing monitoring system for 2-stroke diesel engines: Approved by engine manufacturers, complete scope of supply for main bearings, crosshead, big and small end bearings. Includes displacement, more than 2400 systems in service as well as temperature and oil condition sensors.
  • Cylinder liner temperature measuring system: Two sensors secure thermal monitoring of each cylinder. Connected to one terminal box with analog 4-20mA outputs.

The devices of the series MEV283 are compact oil-mist-detectors that were developed for monitoring 4-stroke diesel engines. They are available in different versions and are characterized by low installation costs and easy installation on the crankcase breather. The device can be supplied with redundant 24V to meet the demand for independent supply of battery and main supply of the classifications.

The system provides very precise measurement results, compensating temperature and aging effects. Installed in a robust stainless steel housing, our Water in Oil Sensor withstands the most demanding environmental conditions. In combination with the Main Processing Unit MPU010, the customer receives a very flexible system offering simple integration with various output signal options and event memory functions. Multi-sensor versions with touch panel display are available.

The Bearing Monitoring System realizes a continuous surveillance of an engine in regard to the distance between sensors and cross head in its lower dead point position, which is a measure of the bearing wear.
Furthermore, the system monitors the temperature of the lube oil / splash oil from the crosheads, main bearings and big end bearings as well as the water in oil content of the lube oil and as an option the cylinder liner temperature.


Release of new Bearing Monitoring System BMS3 for 2-stroke engines
The Dr. E. Horn Bearing Monitoring System is well known for more than a decade of years. Since year 2008 more than 2400 systems are in service for monitoring the wear of bearings. The BMS3 realizes a continuous surveillance of an engine in regard to the distance between sensor and cross head in its lower dead point position, which is a measure of the bearing wear. Further, it monitors the temperature of the oil in different positions as well as the solved water content in the oil (Water in lube Oil). As an option the system offers a precise temperature observation of the cylinder liners. The new version is answering requirements for open data supply handled by modern interfaces.
The BMS3 is using latest hardware and supplies data from terminal boxes up to the HMI by Ethernet. HMI form customers can easily be connected as main unit supplies data by using a web browser. A dual core controller concept separates internal and external communication. Last but not least a cost down program had been run through as a reaction to the risen market prices for electronic parts
Cylinder Liner Temperature Measuring System CLTS
Cylinder Liner Temperature Sensors continuously observe the temperature level of each liner in a marine engine aggregate. The aim is to detect defects at an early stage and to protect the cylinder liner from irreparable damage. Each liner will be equipped with a pair of sensors, both installed in opposite direction. This supports to determine the worst case temperature level no matter installation tolerances and air gaps inside the liner. The sensors show a highly robust design: Sensor tip can withstand and detect temperatures up to 800°C whereas materials in use are of stainless steel. Inside the sensors there is a spring mechanism which allows the sensor tip to move – and therefore to guarantee the constant mechanical contact between sensing element and cylinder liner. This will provide excellent thermal response and short reaction times in case of overheating. 阅读更多的内容
Multiple Water in Oil measuring system
After the successful launch of the 4th generation of our WiO sensors last year, now follows the update and further development on system level: Multiple WiO Setup with central monitoring unit. For parallel monitoring of up to six WiO sensor systems. This setup allows flexible monitoring of multiple installations with regard to moisture in oil and the respective current media temperature. The evaluation of these analog values is carried out separately for each unit and is triggered in each case by means of an individually adjustable pre-alarm and main alarm. Based on time trend curves, which can be viewed and analyzed for each channel via touch on the display, the user is able to take immediate actions on the systems or plan them in advance. What‘s an example? Monitoring of maritime ship propulsion: one mains and 5 auxiliaries. Single sensors FRG00035 connected to MPU010 boxes which will then be linked to the central displaying unit. – Please refer to us for detailed information. 阅读更多的内容

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